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06 December 2008 @ 06:43 pm
The end for loveanarchy.  

So I have decided to leave loveanarchy behind. There are many reasons like college and how un-pretty(lol)/disorganized the comm. is. I'm not planning to quit graphics making even though I don't have much time to do it anymore. I want to create another community shared with 2 other people at max.

I want people who are better than me at making layouts pretty. My tags are everywhere and it makes me sick. :(

Here are the things I icon: VK (mainly), Jfashion, and other asian groups.
Here are the things I dislike: Anime and many american celebs like Paris Hilton and such. LOL

So, if you want to create a graphics comm. with me, just comment here with examples of your work. Show me a variety of graphics you do! ^^

Thanks for supporting my graphics! Ilu. ♥
This community will stay (I'm not gonna delete my hard work!), but every post will become members only. I will post again with the new community once I find 1-2 people to work with.

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